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A note on the eight key values:

The eight central qualities referred to by Te Arawa Digital Storehouse are based on key characteristics identified by ‘Ka Awatea: An iwi case study of Māori students’ success’.  The study commissioned by

Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga and authored by Angus H. Macfarlane, Melinda Webber, Candy Cookson-Cox and Hiria McRae in 2014, aligned the ‘eight beating hearts’ metaphor

(see for more on this) with a specific set of eight values demonstrated by Te Arawa leaders of the past and as well as by successful Māori students of today.


These eight qualities are: identity, diligence, relationships, innovation, wellbeing, scholarship, humility and values.  The study gives examples of iconic Te Arawa figures for each of the qualities.

Te Arawa Stories Digital Storehouse has utilised this concept by aligning each of its’ entries to one or

more of these values.  It is hoped that this will allow learners to find a unique way to relate the material to their own learning experiences. Te Arawa Stories Digital Storehouse is indebted to the study’s authors for providing this inspiration.  

You can read the full case study here:


Macfarlane, A. H, Webber, M, Cookson-Cox, C, McRae, H. (2014) Ka Awatea: An iwi case study of Māori students’ success.  


University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Retrieved from:


Webber, M. (2015). The eight qualities of successful intelligence in gifted Māori students. APEX: The New Zealand Journal of Gifted Education, 19(1).


Retrieved from:

A note on alternative entry versions:

All entries found on Te Arawa Stories Digital Storehouse are considered to be ‘versions’ of particular stories only.  Te Arawa Stories Digital Storehouse acknowledges that alternative versions of stories may exist for any given subject and welcomes submission of these alternative versions.  

Make a story suggestion:

Te Arawa Stories Digital Storehouse is a ‘living resource’.  This means, we want to see the collection grow over time. Classes, teachers, tamariki and rangatahi are invited to submit their own stories for the administrators to consider.  If you have a story, an illustration, perhaps an animation or video or just an idea or suggestion for a topic you would like see added to the collection get in touch!


Just drop us a line including your name and your idea and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Thanks we will be in touch

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