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Te Kuiarau

(see also a Maori language version of Te Kuiarau by Te Taumata o Ngati Whakaue)

Ngāti Hika, Ngāti Whakaue

The area that we know now as Kuirau park has a long history of geothermal activity and of being lived in by Whakaue tūpuna. The lake that is located close to the Ranolf Street and Lake Road intersection was originally known as Taokahu and is said to have been much cooler.
The great tūpuna Tūnohopū was known to have had a temporary shelter here while he used the pool. It became known as a perfect place for bathing and therefore guarded by successive chiefs for use by themselves and their families.
One such chief was Tamahika, son of Tutea who was a grandson of Tūmahaurangi. Tamahika had a beautiful young wife, Kuiarau. One day while Kuiarau was bathing in Taokahu she was seized by a taniwha and taken down into the depths of the lake. Angered by this event Ngā Atua (Gods) caused the lake to boil in order to destroy the taniwha. From this time on this area was known as Kuirau.

Qualities: innovation, diligence, wellbeing

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